location of 2011 N\W Oregon meet and greet

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location of 2011 N\W Oregon meet and greet

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this has come up a few times so i thought id post it, by its self.

the grange hall has no address for say, or that i know of. finding and giving you the address to put in Google will not work ether, since most of the time its a half mile down the road, for most of the area :roll:
so the next best thing is directions and a map or two on Google :idea:

directions from the bridge over "the" river.

Continue onto Lewis and Clark Bridge 0.7 mi
Take the ramp onto U.S. 30 E 1.5 mi
Turn right onto W 6th St 128 ft
Take the 1st right onto W B St 443 ft
Take the 1st left onto W 7th St 0.1 mi
Continue onto Fern Hill Rd 0.5 mi
Turn left to stay on Fern Hill Rd 0.1 mi
Slight left to stay on Fern Hill Rd 1.7 mi
Turn right to stay on Fern Hill RD 1.8

if it works right the way the camera is facing is the way the hall comes in to view on your way from Rainier.
road side view of the place

on the map the B spot is the grange hall.
how to get there from the big river click hear

Jack if need, be lock and or delete postings to this thread, to keep things easy to find, that need to be easy to find.
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