My Isuzu Pup! 1984 orange sparkle paint haha

This is for "Introductions". Tell us about YOUR P'up, and a little about yourself (if you like). This is also the place for updates, tall tales, etc. about YOUR P'up. No technical questions here, please.
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My Isuzu Pup! 1984 orange sparkle paint haha

Post by farmboy »

Hiya there this is my Isuzu pup! Lived most of its life in CA and Mexico as far as I know.
Just got it running again! Had to sit pretty much all of covid due to financial reasons. Literally started right up after years of sitting hahaha.
The previous owner didnt take great care of it and the wiring is super messed up and should probably all be redone as it has consistent battery draw problems off and on.
Love this thing. Cant believe it still runs so well.
Really want to put some good work into this car if anybody has any advice it would be priceless.

Would love to clean up the wiring. (Is eBay the best place to pick up a schematic of the electrical?)
Install a bucket seat(current seats are super trashed).
Fix all the oil leaks.
& put in a turbo so it can handle the freeway better.
Really anything that would make this car live its best life.

Drove this as my daily driver for years when I was working at some local farms would love to bring it back to life again :)
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Re: My Isuzu Pup! 1984 orange sparkle paint haha

Post by JoeIsuzu »

Welcome to the site!

There are some really important maintenance items you should do before driving it:
1. Replace the timing belt, regardless how it looks.
2. Replace the oil line that goes from the block to the alternator vacuum pump, regardless how it looks. Don't even touch that line until you are replacing it.
3. Drain the transmission (if it's manual) and fill it with motor oil, per the manual.

Good luck with the bucket seats. I've been trying for quite a while to find seats that fit the truck and still have room for me. ;)

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