Horn fix using a .22 shell

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Horn fix using a .22 shell

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I will give Jerry Lemond credit for this ingenious idea.
Many times the horn contacts will wear out due to lack of lubrication. The spring contact button gets worn down and sharp, which in turn cuts a groove into the round contact plate mounted to the steering wheel. Due to this, many times the horn won't blow unless you turn the steering wheel slightly one way or the other. If the button contact gets jammed, it may even get bent and not ever make contact with the plate at all.
This fix is for Troopers as well.
Mark the location of your steering wheel if it is centered already. If not centered, it would be a good time to determine how far off center it is, and adjust it during installation.
Remove the horn assembly.
Loosen the steering wheel retaining nut, but don't take it all the way off. Pop the back side of the steering wheel on one of the spokes using a mallet (or an old shock absorber if you forget to bring your mallet to the pick-n-pull) while applying some pulling pressure to the steering wheel. The steering wheel will pop loose against the loosened nut. The nut will keep you from the steering wheel hitting you in the face. Remove the nut, and the steering wheel. Proceed with your fix. Click on the picture to enlarge and read my notes.
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