1991 Pickup - Turn Signals

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1991 Pickup - Turn Signals

Post by jmolsen »

I am having an issue with my turn signals. I did look through and could neither find the problem I am having or a solution that worked.

The hazards and passenger side turn signals do not work.

When I would turn on the passenger blinker the flasher would buzz instead of click. So I replaced the flasher. Now both directions click as they are supposed to. But I still have no flasher on the passenger side or 4-ways and no indication in the cab.

Bulbs are good.
No power to the wire at the bulb.
Flasher does click both directions (no cab indication for passenger side) - (SOOOO.... Power at least to the flasher....???)

If anyone has any ideas and or solutions, please let me know. This is about it for what I need to get it street legal in Texas.


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Re: 1991 Pickup - Turn Signals

Post by puttputtinpup »

I've never owned a pickup your style but there had been some discussion on here among those who have had issues with their turn signal switch. Contacts or something. If you're handy you can remove it and take it apart. There are probably some balls & springs inside, so be careful.
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Re: 1991 Pickup - Turn Signals

Post by Red Truck »

Maybe you've tried already, but try vigorously pulling-pushing the emergency flasher button on the column back and forth (ie 'exercising' it) repeatedly. I read this somewhere on this forum, and it worked for somebody. I guess the 4-way switch rarely gets used, it accumulates crud, and it can clobber the circuit if it doesn't work. /R
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Re: 1991 Pickup - Turn Signals

Post by LaFlTx89 »

A few years ago, I pulled my switch unit off and cleaned it. You do have to be careful about the tiny ball bearings and springs when you dismantle it. When it started giving problems again last year, I replaced it with this from partsgeek. 1992 Isuzu Pickup Turn Signal Switch Price: $83.43 Qty: 1 Part #: 201-1870
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