Why are rear bearings not in an oil bath?

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Why are rear bearings not in an oil bath?

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So I had a rear wheel cylinder stick and it cooked the grease and outer seal :( . So I pulled the axle shafts and did the seals and repacked bearings. Actually not a hard job at all. Bearings we're still good.

So why did Isuzu do this? Why not go with an oil bath like virtually every other manufacturer? Talking with some colleagues they were also mystified at this design. Mind you I've heard of some fleets packing wheel bearings on log trucks that are in some pretty tough conditions... But this is a little ittt bitty pickup...

I'm now curious if anyone has ever left the inner seal out when doing rear bearings and just filled the rear diff a little higher and maybe used a double lip seal for the outer? I'm not saying I did this, because well... I didn't, I repacked them...
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