Wider axles?

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Wider axles?

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Ok, so I found these cool galvanized metal pieces that are 30 inches wide. Two of them would make 60 inches. Which is a lot wider than my truck has. Has anyone put on a sider axle? Is this a stupid idea? I have a kid that is going to welding school and looking for a project for him. We started on a trailer that I own but for the hours he would haef to put in and the cost of materials I'd rather do something with the bed of my truck. It's rotting away so I was thinking I'd toss it and have him fabricate something else. Having never even planned something like this is making any and all of my ideas very suspect. Feel free to jump in with suggestions. I bought a bunch of accessories for the truch I'd like to attach. You know, like a headache rach, and a brush bar and bars for the bed of the truck and kayak racks. I got it all used and really cheap. I also have some bigger tires I'll eventually put on. And I guess I should jack it up aobut six to eight inches. If there is some weird spellinghs in this post it's because I can't find my glasses and I can't read my computer screen.
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Re: Wider axles?

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You can use pretty much any axle you want. I used a D44 from a 1995 rodeo that is 58" wide with discs.

Welding required since the leaf perches didn't line up.

**Not sure why the pic posted upside down since it's right side up when you click on it.

Edit: didn't realize how old this question was, but I'll leave the answer up for future inquiries.
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