Grandpa's 83 LS Sales agreement

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Grandpa's 83 LS Sales agreement

Post by Halden »

After my grandfather passed back in 2016 (I think that was the year) my grandmother gave me all the paperwork my grandfather had saved from his 83. Interestingly I discovered my uncle worked on that truck many times and he did add a few upgrades to it from the dealership, and it seemed to have a few problems during the time he owned it. Though perhaps I should use the term "problem" loosely as he was a very... fastidious--for lack of a better term--person. A man that wanted things exactly right.

As you can see it is still a fairly cheap truck even in today's dollars.

Not sure why but the images aren't right side up in the thread, but if you click on them, they are the correct orientation.

He sold the truck to my parents for $1000 in 1989 (A screamin' deal by today's standards). He apparently regretted selling it because he liked the truck so much and probably because my dad actually used it as a truck :lol: but he replaced it with a Ford Aerostar ("A bunch of ugly" as he called it) to cart the grandchildren around.
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Re: Grandpa's 83 LS Sales agreement

Post by Yulia »

love those history posts. Keep them coming.
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Re: Grandpa's 83 LS Sales agreement

Post by Isuzu Faster »

This is way cool, Halden! That '80 Olds trade-in was well worth it, in my opinion :D
~ Cheers, Steve.

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