What size 17inch tire fits the best on a 93 isuzu pick up

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What size 17inch tire fits the best on a 93 isuzu pick up

Postby Bigdog47 » Thu May 02, 2019 10:15 am

I managed to find a set of Toyota tacoma 17 inch rims and need to figure out the best tire size for fitment and to help with gear ratio if possible. I was told by an old timer bigger wheels would help the truck out at highway speeds with lower rpms and better gas mileage. i welcome any positive input thanks for your help and time with this post.
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Re: What size 17inch tire fits the best on a 93 isuzu pick up

Postby oldestisuzuist » Thu May 02, 2019 11:50 am

Look on the driver's door pillar for the factory tire size, every 1" increase in diameter over that stock size will change the effective final drive ratio by about 3%. If you were to use a 3" larger diameter tire it would make your stock 4.10 gears seem like they were 3.73s. Your speedo reading will also be off by the same percentage. Your engine may not have enough power to overcome more than a 3" diameter increase, requiring constant WOT at highway speeds could actually reduce fuel economy.
A typical Tacoma rim would be 17x7 with a +15mm offset (should be stamped on the inside of the rim), so a 3" larger diameter tire will be about the max that will clear the fender & the frame at full lock turn. The wider the tire profile the more likely the tires will rub.
Also make sure the Tacoma rims use a tapered seat lug nut so that they will bolt up to your lug-centric hubs. If the Tacoma rims are hub-centric & use the flat-based lug nuts along with a washer you will need an adapter, which will make the new wheels stick out farther & reduce the size of the tire you can run without rubbing.
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