1987 Spacecab turbo diesel rehab

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1987 Spacecab turbo diesel rehab

Postby cocheeze » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:02 pm

Hey all,

I am excited to say that last weekend I picked up a 1987 Spacecab Turbo Diesel, which I intend to convert into an adventure mobile over the next year or so. For those who peruse the whole vehicles for sale section, it is Oil Can Harry's old rig. I am familiar with the C223 because of the other p'ups that I have owned of the years, but this is the first "later model" p'up diesel that I have owned (later meaning after 1981-82) and this is my first turbo diesel.

It has been sitting since at least 2015, so I am basically looking to put together a checklist of things that I should do before I fire her up for the first time.

I am thinking that it would be a good idea to replace the timing belt, because the previous owner can attest to personally putting 50k+ miles on the current one, and an unknown history before that. Also, it can't be good for a timing belt to sit in the same position for 3 years and then be started again...

What else should I check/replace/do before I bring her back to life?


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Re: 1987 Spacecab turbo diesel rehab

Postby Halden » Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:06 pm

Well before starting, make sure you have got clean fuel. Might be worth running straight out of a fuel can, replace that fuel filter too if you will run through that on the first fire up, I've seen some with rust in them from water sitting in them so long. No bueno getting that through the pump. Other than that the basics (oil and stuff) which I am sure you know all and well.

Pictures. We want pictures!

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