Leaking fuel tank

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Leaking fuel tank

Postby MadelineKay » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:41 am

Hey all,

So not too long ago someone ran through a stop sign and smashed the bed of my pup. The dent made it to where I couldn't put any diesel into the truck anymore. Thinking maybe we could bang the dent out, my partner and I took the bed off and went at it. It didn't work, and in a series of unfortunate events it began to pour rain. Without realizing it, my fuel cap was off during the whole storm. Not noticing a water drainage, I went to drain the fuel tank only to find the bolt had been completely stripped out. After some fiddling with a screwdriver the bolt finally came out. There was no leaving it in there, because it wouldn't tighten back up after being cracked. I emptied and dried the tank, and went to get a replacement bolt and sealant. Put everything back together only for it to leak out the entire contents of the tank. Then I ordered what we thought was the best option to cover the bolt in hopes it would seal it. Nope! Anyways, since the tank can't hold fuel, it's been empty for a week and I can see rust forming all along the inside. The float is now covered in rust.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've heard that tank sealants will just degrade and gunk things up eventually getting rust into the engine. Is there any salvaging a tank that's rusting and leaking at the bolt? If so, how?

I'm thinking of either buying a plastic or aluminum tank that already has a vent, return, and two feeds (although I only need 1, but I was hoping I could plug the other one up) and putting it in my bed. I would build a cover for it out of some pallets to shield it from the sun/rain. At that point though, I was thinking about just creating my own tank out of one of those 5 gallon (hopefully I could find a 10 gallon or so) portable fuel tanks you buy at Walmart and use for your lawn mower or something. If I do that, would my fuel pump be able to bring fuel to the engine anymore? It'll be in my bed, and the lines will be at least 2 ft higher than they used to be.

1983 diesel sb pup

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Re: Leaking fuel tank

Postby newbycheese » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:59 pm

I have an used Diesel fuel tank from my old 84 Short Bed. It had a tiny leak at the seam so I sealed it w/ a liner. If you're interested in it, I'll sell it cheap.