Identify this?

This is for "general" electrical discussions. Audio, security, remote start, and power accessories should go here, since they don't seem to fit anywhere else. Not for diesel-specific (like glow systems), or gasoline-specific (like ignition systems) topics.
Lord Les
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Identify this?

Postby Lord Les » Sun May 20, 2018 8:38 pm

I was looking at my dash and pulled this out. I'm guessing it is the old stereo hookup? Or mono hookup?
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Red Truck
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Re: Identify this?

Postby Red Truck » Tue May 22, 2018 11:56 am

I'm pretty sure it's for a radio. My Haynes manual identifies the Blue as power feed, Black as common ground, and the brown-tan ones as speakers. I might add that, in my limited experience, manual schematic electrical color codes rarely match up to what I'm looking at, at the time. I believe the radio circuit is shared with the cigar lighter, and is fed off the 'wiper' 15 amp blade fuse. If that fuse is pulled, and there's no juice at that Blue connector plug or lighter, I'd say that's what it's for. That Red "whatever was handy at the time" wire crimped onto the Blue wire must be for the currently absent radio.
I might add that your dash levers and vent markings appear in remarkably good condition, for as old as your rig is. The plastic on mine (1987) are cracked and crumbled, due mostly to sun exposure.
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