clutch slipping when i hit boost 4ja1

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clutch slipping when i hit boost 4ja1

Postby KarlssonOnTheRoof » Mon May 14, 2018 9:22 am

i have a 4ja1 Turbo i my pup wth 30-32 psi of boost my problem comes to my cluch slipping on me when i hit boost on a full throttle pull and that was on snow with 3rd gear so yeah... but it pulled nicely with boost compared to N/A
and i havent advanced the pump timing yet.. made a huge difrens on my mothers vw vento aaz engine (1.9TD) dual stage injector
the clutch is were like brand new when i did the engine swap about a year ago.

imgoing to move that engine to my trooper so i can start to drive it since the 4jb1 is toast owner before me drove it without water till it siezed and the next day it started again but not much more than that.

so i need a new better clutch and maybe pressure plate hope that my flywheel is in good shape but it can be machined in worse case.

dose anyone know what type of splines there is on a msg trans and whats the best clutch of possibly pressure plate that will fit. or a spec on the trans

dose a 4jj1 clutch and pressurep late work or is it to new?
maybe 4jh1?

thanks in advance greetings from sweden:)

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Re: clutch slipping when i hit boost 4ja1

Postby puttputtinpup » Mon May 14, 2018 7:34 pm

Check with Jerry Lemond and see if this would be a good candidate for the c223 turbo clutch. It has more clamping force