Oil Light and Temp Gauge

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Oil Light and Temp Gauge

Postby weiner0stick » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:53 pm

Hi all,
I am attempting to get the "finer" points of my long running diesel swap worked out. My goals of focus are the oil pressure light and the temp gauge. The temp sender has been replaced. All wires are connected. I feel I need to hook up at least one more.

One question is where does the temp gauge get the voltage to send though thermometer? All of this though might be screwy due to that I only have a few wires hooked up to the P'up instrument cluster. I can remember the dash lights work with the Hombre Switch, THE GROUND, the oil pressure, high beam, ( its wrong but it made the brake lights work, weird and strange), and the thermometer. A lot of bad-ness, but I hope to get these 2 things working.

Also, here is what I think is a correct list of the instrument cluster wires and where they go.

On Bigger Plug
Oil Pressure YW Yellow White
Charging Alternator WR White Red
Fasten Belt ??
Turn Signal LH GB Green Black
Turn Signal RH GL Green and Blue
Upper Beam (high beam) R Red (bigger) (mine is hooked up to a hot when running wire)
Dash Lights RG Red Green
Fuel Meter YR Yellow Red

On smaller Plug
4wd Lg Blue
Parking Brake YG Yellow Green
Glow Plug BL Black and Blue
Fuel Filter Water In YL Yellow and Blue
Temperature YB Yellow Black

Any ideas? I am pretty quick now at taking the dash apart, but it would be nice to have a change.
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