Not your average garage shelf!

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Not your average garage shelf!

Post by Halden »

I recently moved to the Salt Lake City area and the other day I went to pick up a free shelf I found online. I showed up in my 82 and found 3 VX (Vehicross) in the guy' s drive way! He was pretty excited to see an old Isuzu. We got to talking and he mentioned he was downsizing for moving and was getting rid of parts and stuff in his garage. He mentioned that the shelf at one point was full of Isuzu VX parts. I assured him the Isuzu tradition would live on for the shelf.

Just a small little thing that brightened up an otherwise very busy day. I was glad to see an Isuzu enthusiast near by.

I have seen a couple troopers and one LUV bed trailer, but no pups yet... Soon hopefully
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Re: Not your average garage shelf!

Post by JoeIsuzu »

The VX is near the top of my "cool list".

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