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This is for "Introductions". Tell us about YOUR P'up, and a little about yourself (if you like). This is also the place for updates, tall tales, etc. about YOUR P'up. No technical questions here, please.
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This is for "Introductions". Tell us about YOUR P'up, and a little about yourself (if you like). This is also the place for updates, tall tales, etc. about YOUR P'up. Include photos of your truck, if available (See this for an example).

This is not the appropriate place for technical questions. Please post those in the appropriate Troubleshooting or Upgrades section.
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New Member , Mark

Postby markok » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:14 am

Hello , My name is Mark I live in Washougal,WA . Almost 10 years ago I purchased a 1989 Isuzu Pickup , 4x4 S regular cab ,Gas ,2.6 for my teenaged son David . He actually came up with the money but I talked him into buying it . He wasn't to keen on the idea of a 20 year old truck but i convinced him that these Isuzu's are great little trucks . Well we took it home and its been his daily driver through high school ,college and several years in the work force . He has purchased a newer truck and I told him not to just sell this truck on Craigslist as this is where the enthusiasts are . So now Ive got it and am going to offer it up for sale soon . I would like to see it go to a real Isuzu fan but if no takers its gonna go on "bring a trailer" auction later this summer .
the truck is in fantastic shape , original everything , and it is in very very good condition . Everything works as designed and we have maintained it well with complete records since we acquired it at 35K miles . It now has 126K but runs great . It has AC , 5spd, 2.6l engine FI, 4x4. Factory bed liner and mud flaps, and the Isuzu factory am fm cassette player. I love this little truck but honestly it to small for my truck need s as I need to tow.
I just put on new shocks and a new exhaust tail pipe and muffler . Tires are 65% as are the brakes , just did the plugs ,oil, and filters ,fuel and oil .
this truck has no rust ,no tears, . We have run Mobile one synthetic oil since 35k miles . The engine is clean and valves get adjusted every 30k.
So any ideas on how sell it ? let me know I am not going to give it away as I think it will bring a good price due to its beautiful condition.I don't think you will find one in better original condition.
Thanks for reading

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Re: New Member , Mark

Postby puttputtinpup » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:50 am

Welcome to the site. That's too bad you're selling it. Keep it around for a grandkid's 1st vehicle

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Re: New Member , Mark

Postby JoeIsuzu » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:08 am


Welcome to the site. If you're not already a member there, you may want to join the forum as well. That crowd seems to really have an appreciation for the 2.6L gas burner.


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Re: New Member , Mark

Postby Halden » Wed Jul 03, 2019 11:25 am

Welcome aboard. That is one clean truck!!

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