Diesel price

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Re: Diesel price

Postby trooper T/diesel » Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:19 pm

$4.15 for 100% REAL GAS
name brand E10 is about 0.25C lower
ARCO, AM/PM moose ______ garbage is about 0.35/0.40C less....BUT NOT WORTH IT AS YOU WILL GET LOWER MPG's to the point of having a higher cost per mile, then E0 in many cases.

D2 road diesel is mostly 3.79 or so but there's one place that's 3.59

D2 farm fuel is about $3.00 if you go to the right place, go to the wrong place and it will be near $3.50

any one found one of those E15 pumps :?: ive heard there going to hit the S/E area first.
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