Veggie Experience #10 - Loss of Veggie Fuel Pressure

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Veggie Experience #10 - Loss of Veggie Fuel Pressure

Postby iPupGary » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:05 pm

Veggie Experience #10 – Loss of Veggie Fuel Pressure

Date: 7/2/2013

After running veggie in 2012, I let me veggie reserves drop down to just 100 gallons. I wanted to build my reserves back up by running diesel in the winter time. I now have about 250 gallons in reserve.

I cranked my veggie burning back up just before the NW Pup meet. I noticed a loss in fuel pressure the week prior to the meet. My first thought was some veggie must of solidified somewhere in the system from sitting for an extended period of time. In hind sight, I thought it would have been a good idea to flush the veggie tank, fuel lines and system components out with some diesel prior to letting it sit for so long.

I burned veggie on the way to the Pup meet successfully. However, on the way back I was again having fuel pressure problems on the veggie side of the fuel system. I troubleshot the system today. It turned out that one of my hose clamps on the intake side of the veggie fuel pump was not tight enough. Air was leaking into the system around the hose connection and the pump was not able to draw enough veggie in to meet the needs of the engine. The hose tail connection at this point was not a barbed connection but rather a hose bead style connector. The hose bead style connections are nice to aid in the removal of the hose for maintenance but this design requires a good hose clamp to ensure a good seal.

Loss of fuel pressure #10.jpg

Another veggie lesson learned…

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