Massive Veg Temp difference after solenoid

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Massive Veg Temp difference after solenoid

Postby Newtron » Fri May 17, 2013 8:14 am

Hello Great I Pup Wizzards.

My conversion is finally coming around. I've got the veg in coolant problem under control, but of course now I have a new one. This time it has to do with heating the oil.

I'm running a set up from the IP that is FPHE, Heated filter, Line in Line, Heated tank pick up. This is now fully working and gets things hot.

I have a 3 solenoid system as well. I have it set up so my VO pump can be on and looping thru back to the tank. So one solenoid is so there can be a loop, you change that one at the same time as the fuel supply solenoid to deliver VO fuel to the IP. And of course there is the return solenoid.

I also have 2 temp sensors in the fuel lines hooked up to an autometer digital oil guage. One is about 1ft after the FPHE and can tell the temp on the loop. The second is just before the IP. So really all that is between the two temp sensors is 2 solenoids. Whats alarming is I can get the car up to temp and run the loop and the fuel before solenoids is around 170. Then I turn on the fuel supply and just before the IP it measures 120.

What boggles my mind is in only a few inches thru solenoids I'm loosing 50 degrees of heat. Is this possible? One though is the seal from the diesel supply is not working well and when I switch to veg, hot VO is mixing with cold diesel.

It also runs on this veg fine, I can drive it and its not starved for fuel. What gives? I'm only still in the testing fase I dont want to ruin the IP.

Also strange and maybe related. I installed a stant 205 deg thermostat on I Pup Gary's recommendation to get everything hotter. Yesterday I did 3 running test. The first two the car heated up to about 1/2 way on the guage. Later It only heated to 1/4 on the guage. Would this indicate the thermostat was not opening or just bad readings from the temp sensors. Neither of the three times did it leak any where or spike, once it was up to temp it just stayed at temp and the needle didnt move. I'm only running water right now for my testing purposes and engine cleaning since I got VO in my coolant system on my first go, would having proper coolant give me different heat?
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