Eating places, Cayce

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Eating places, Cayce

Postby Gerald K4NHN » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:54 pm

Most of you are coming in on Friday and may be looking for a place to eat... If you take the Airport Blvd, Hyway 302 and head into Cayce, that street turns into Knox Abbott Dr. About 2 miles and past the BBQ place. It has most all of the normal fast food places, hamburger joints, subs, pizza fried chicken, Mex., Red Lobster and OceanView Seafood.. All of this is about two miles from Shoney's going back into town. The OceanView is a pretty good seafood place to eat and it's Friday and we're not far from the coast so it's usually pretty good. ... l=us&hl=en ... l=US&hl=en

Also, DON'T SPEED IN CAYCE, 35 MPH and I can't get a ticket fixed either... :-)

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