Meet Details: Location, lodging & itinerary

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Meet Details: Location, lodging & itinerary

Postby puttputtinpup » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:32 am

Gerald Cromer has been very busy checking on rate, and reviews of the local hotels. Here is what he emailed us:
OK, here is what I found out today..

I went to the Country Inn & Suites. talked to the Operations Manager, Sahil Bumia. He was very polite and helpful.. He said that he could give us a rate of $79.99 for their standard and a rate of $89.99 for their suite .. Here is the web page. Norman rates are $99 and $109 ... 3/sccolair
Reservations have to be made with him to get that price at 803-794-6200.

I have stayed at these places in the Atlanta area before and have always be real pleased with the rooms..
This is across the street from Shoney's, and The police Chief also said that it was the best place, Steve's place where he works, VOHEC, send their people from out of town there and also my pastor also send their guests there also..

I went next door to Shoney's to the Sleep Inn and talked to them. It looked OK but wasn't real impress with the person that I talked with. It was the person behind the counter and there were another person there also that looked more like they might be in management but they said I needed to talk to this lady.. Nothing special here $69.99..
The building looked better than the Days Inn and the other places within the one block area...

Went to Shoney's and talked to the manager Chris Smith.. They have a room off the side of the regular dinning area that we can use, but being a Saturday and it's a busy day that any spill over from the regular would come in with us. But he would try and put all of us in there. They have a good buffet in the mornings too.. We don't have to guarantee anything. I just need to touch base with him as time gets close and keep him informed... I also asked him about the motels and he said that the comments were about a 50/50- on the Sleep Inn and never anything bad about the Country Inn, but not to stay at the Days Inn or the others in that area. He also said that there was a customer that comes in most morning that also drove an Isuzu and he would let him know about the meet.

If anyone wants to fly in this area is about 1 mile from the airport and I'd be happy to pick them up and get them to the motels...
Margaret was wanting to know a while back about the availability of parks & cabins. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what's available.
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Meet Details: Location, lodging & itinerary

Postby puttputtinpup » Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:58 pm

Ok, I made my reservation just now at the Country Inn Suites at West Columbia. One step closer!! :D

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Re: Meet Details: Location, lodging & itinerary

Postby puttputtinpup » Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:57 pm

Date: Saturday, October 12
Mission Of Hope Ministries
1819 Middleton St, Cayce, SC 29033

Cost of using the facility is free, but donations or canned goods, and/or money is encouraged. This mission does an awesome work, and our appreciation for allowing us to meet there. I'm sure we'll need all the volunteers we can get to clean up when we're done.
I pulled this text Gerald composed off the lengthy thread, and edited a few things:
Here is an update on what's going on here in the big town of Cayce and the meet. I'm up for suggestions and questions.. Margaret, I'm not aware of any gem hunting in this area. Most of that is in the NC mountain area.

I know that the time isn't far off for the Cayce meet. I though that I'd list some places that some of you may want to see if you feel like you'd like to come in a day earlier or stay a day later... Cayce and West Columbia is just across the river from Columbia, the river is the dividing line of the two counties. Columbia is the state capital of SC and where most all of state government is located.
Cayce is a bedroom community of 12,000. I have lived in the same small house here for the past 56 years. I think that someone asked Andy about renting a cabin for a few days and I haven't found any camp grounds that have cabins. We have a state park that is located on the far side of Columbia , but they don't have any cabins, but have pull thru and tent, but I've heard that it's not the best in the past several years, so I won't recommend it. There are cabins for rent at the Santee State Park that is located on the beautiful Santee Cooper Lake Marion. They are right on the water. It's located about 45 miles south of Columbia. If anyone really wants to tent camp about the best that I can offer is the front and back yard next door to me. You'd be welcome to use the bath room, but the house is used to store my STUFF. Don't you all have some of that? :-) We do have a good ZOO, and a good Museum... If you like night life, the Vista is the place to be for food and drink. If you like flea markets we have two that aren't very far from Cayce. about 5 miles. Easy to get to. I make both fleas most Saturday mornings. Both are open on Sunday but are a little slower on Sunday. The US # 1 is where you'll find all of what I call the junking and people cleaning out the garage stuff and you never know what you'll find there. And they have several vegetable stalls that are run my the Hispanics. If you really want the best stuff you'll need to be there right at day light. You could make that one and be at our breakfast by 8 AM. The Barnyard Flea is about a mile and a half from the US #1 and it cranks up a little later than the #1 Flea. The Barnyard does have trailer parking but I don't think they have any tent camping...

I'm sort of a one man show here on this, with also being a care giver, I have to work all of this in. So if any of you need anything I'll try and get back to you ASAP that I can.. If any of you are planning on flying in, I'll be happy to pick you up at the airport and the motel that I'm recommending is only about 1 mile away.

What I'm looking at is:
8 AM Gathering at Shoney's (2208 Airport Blvd West Columbia, SC 29170) which is across the street from the Country Suites and have breakfast and leaving by 10AM to the meet site. Get some pictures and name tags on those who come to breakfast. This will help us get to know each other, and identify who is with our group.
10AM-11AM It's an easy straight drive and only one turn at the end for one block to the meeting site. Check in and get a name tag sticker if you didn't get one at breakfast. Get to know one another. Gerald can introduce Jack & Jerry Lemond, and they can say a few words. I hope to get a few Isuzu items donated to us by the local Zuzu dealer (crossing fingers). If any of you have a dealer in your area, see if you can hit them up for some free keychains, pens, note pads, whatever to give away.

11AM-12noon(or 12:30) Glow plug system tutorial & component troubleshooting talk. (indoors)

Lunch will be available at about 12noon We'll offer a few flavors of Pizza (everyone likes pizza) and some cakes/cookies/sweets, etc to munch on, ice tea, and some sodas will be available. Please remember, we do want to support this ministry as much as possible and show our appreciation for them letting us gather at their facility, so the cost of this food & drink will be in form of a donation to the Mission Of Hope. Out of respect for the ministry, I wouldn't recommend anyone bringing adult beverages to the meet location. If the BBQ place offers it on their menu, or if it's consumed at your hotel, whatever, then that's fine. Our meet will conclude after we eat dinner. Personally, I am thinking of attending the Sunday morning services at the mission before leaving for home.

1:00-2:00PM We will move outside for some social time/parts swapping/pictures

2:00-3:00PM Still outdoors, we will have a demonstration of how to check and adjust diesel fuel injector pop-off pressure and nozzle replacement.

3:00-4:30PM Biodiesel & WVO talk led by some volunteers for those who would like to know more about running their diesel for next to nothin'!

4:30-5:00 Help clean up any mess (best if we don't make any mess at ALL), and head over to the BBQ buffet place. 1600 Charleston Hwy
West Columbia, SC 29169

One of the great side benefit of the meet is the buying and selling of the parts that are brought.., so we want all of you to have the opportunity to make new friends, and maybe get the chance to by those parts you've been looking for.
We do have a separate unlocked thread that you can post parts for sale and/or needed. viewtopic.php?f=43&t=18621 We hope that Jerry brings his load of parts this year to sell. So start gathering up your STUFF to bring. Don't get depressed if all your parts don't get bought up. Gerald can be reached at ( gcromer at ) You can call him at 803 794 1483, but you need to talk to Gerald. His wife may not remember to tell him that you called or have copied your number either..
I (Gerald) have a lot going on here with some medical tests the next few weeks and the week after the meet I'll be having my left knee replaced. I told the doctor he wasn't cutting until after the meet, so Oct 21 the blade comes out.. (Gerald)

Lets hear from you guys out there.. Please, if you have not already voiced that you're coming, please post that you'll be there and how many in your party. Or you can email

Lodging: I have already made reservations at the Country Suites in West Columbia.

Congaree National Park
The largest intact expanse of old growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the southeastern United States.
I think that they may have camping.

Santee State park

Riverbanks Zoo

Cayce, West Columbia river walk

South Carolina State Museum

SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum ... olina.html

Flea market

Flea market
US #1 Metro
Their web site doesn't work