Grill Nuts

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Grill Nuts

Postby Paul » Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:14 am

I made these using a band saw, a mill, and a drill and tap. But, they can be made using a hack saw, a drill and tap. The plastic is Delrin (also known as acetal) (good stuff) but it could be nylon or PVC. McMaster Carr can supply any of these. The screw is a 6-32 x 5/8 long.

Edit 5.30.16 ~ ~ Don't know if anyone has ever tried to make these grill nuts but I just made another set and have simplified the design a bit. This makes the nut easier to fabricate and allows the nut to be inserted from the front of the panel. Also, allows the use of 1/2 inch stock. The grill is held rock solid. Check out the new image below.


Simplified grill nut.jpg

Check out the photos.

Grill Nut Sketch email.jpg

Finished Part email.jpg

Inserting Nut email.jpg

Rotating In email.jpg

Nut Installed email.jpg

Installing Grill email.jpg

With these nuts and the screw you will be able to pull the grill up tight to the sheet metal and no more loose, rattleee grill. Also, it is much easier to use the screws to install or remove the grill than it is to use the Isuzu grill clips.


PS - - No modifications to either the grill or the sheet metal are needed :D
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