How to remove a headliner without damage

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How to remove a headliner without damage

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Removing a headliner on the second gen luvs (81-82) and first gen pups (81-87) is actually quite easy, just very involved as you have to pull the front and rear glass. Here are some pics and a tutorial for those that are intimidated by this relatively easy task. Credit goes to "soot fart" for some of the hand modeling.

1) Remove both the front windshield, rear window, visors, dome light, and corner trim above the seatbelts. The windows can be removed by cutting the gaskets if you are not re-using them. Force a utility knife blade between the glass and the gasket and cut all of the way around the windows. Once the gaskets are cut away and you can see the edges of the windows, gently push from the inside and separate the glass from the gasket. The front window we removed today was put in with lots of adhesive and took considerably more care to remove as we wanted to save that too.

2) Remove the rearview mirror by grabbing the mirror post and pushing it towards the front windshield. Remove the rearview mirror mounting bracket. The sunvisor clips next to the rearview mirror come off by rotating them 45 degrees in either direction and pulling them out.


3) The 4x4 models will have a passenger side roof handle. A small screwdriver or utility knife blade will aid in removing the screw covers.


4) Remove the trim/weatherstripping that runs around the door opening. I forgot to get pics of this so the pic is from a different truck.


5) The headliner folds over all window and door openings and is secured with an easily removed adhesive.


6) Above both seatbelts the headliner is secured to the cab interior by being stretched over a row of sharp metal points. Gently pull down on the headliner to unhook it, one hook at a time.


7) Now the only thing holding the headliner in place is three metal rods that span the cab roof from door to door. Above the dome light is a metal tab that holds the first metal rod that comes out.


Push the metal rod toward the back of the truck to free it from the clip. Once it is free rotate the rod towards the front of the truck. This will allow you to bend the rod enough to pull it free of the plastic holders above the doors. Note: any place that something is mounted to the roof (lights, visors, etc.), the vinyl may hang up. Be sure to gently separate it so you don't rip the headliner. (pic taken from behind passenger door, looking towards the driver's door and before removal of the first metal rod)


Now remove the remaining two metal rods in the same fashion as you removed the rear. Rotate each of the two rods toward the windshield opening and slip the rods out of the plastic clips.

I have never reinstalled a headliner, but I would venture a guess that is is the reverse of taking one out. :wink:
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Re: How to remove a headliner without damage

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You're my hero too! Jerry

I see you left out the bloodletting photos.
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