Headlights - low beams and hi beams reversed??

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Headlights - low beams and hi beams reversed??

Postby Kabal2X » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:40 pm

Hi all!

I'm the proud owner of a 97 Chevrolet Luv, 2.3L MPI engine, 4x2. I've been lurking the forums since I got it and am learning a lot, thanks!

The previous owner had an HID kit installed, and he told me that it would be "plug and play" to go back to normal H4 bulbs, in case I wanted to. Well, 2 days ago the HIDs went bad and today I installed regular H4 bulbs, but now this is where this get strange

- If I push the low beam button, the high beams come up, and the high beam indicator (blue light in the dashboard) lights up, too.
- If I push the high beam button, nothing lights up.
- If I pull from the turning indicator lever towards the steering wheel, I can flash the high beams (and the blue light in the dashboard lights up, too).

This is very annoying as I would have to be running with high beams all night when I need to do some night driving. Obviously not desirable.

I've checked fuses and they are all OK, the relay I think its OK (is there a way to test them using a multimeter?). I removed the dashboard surround and checked the wiring connection, it seems its in good shape.

I suposse in some part, the previous owner modified the wiring (in my search, I think some HID kits have their polarity reversed).

Everything else works great (except for blower and AC, which I suposse deserves it's own thread later :) )

Thanks in advance for any help! Greetings from Chile

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Re: Headlights - low beams and hi beams reversed??

Postby Quahlity » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:08 am

If this was a single beam HID light, you'd want the lights to be lit in both the high and low setting, meaning you'd short both together. Switching back to regular bulbs would mean the high and low beams would be lit if either were turned on. This does not fit your description as they don't work at all in the high beam setting. That would make me think the headlight ground has been moved.

Low power -- (low beam) -- ground -- (high beam) -- high power
In the example above the ground separates the high and low beams.

Ground -- (low beam / high beam) -- low power --> one way diode to high power.
In this example the high beam won't power the lights, but low beam powers everything.
This still doesn't fit, because the high beam indicator would light when the high beams were selected.

I guess that's not much help.

You may be able to swap relays around and see if the problem follows the relay. I can't speak for LUV's, but the PUP has a few identical relays.

If your blower only works on high, its the blower resistor.