'94 Pickup 3.1 V6 5spd, CEL and codes info?

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'94 Pickup 3.1 V6 5spd, CEL and codes info?

Postby Camel_Kid » Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:30 pm

So, I brought the little silver pickup home from Albuquerque this week. She runs perfect, but every so often after start, her idle will drop to nothing and bounce around a bit, I'm guessing it's the 500rpm mark? She hasn't been doing it recently, though, and instead drops down to what I'm guessing is the 750rpm mark and idles fine...

Strangely enough, in both cases, the Check Engine light will come on after about 20 seconds of idle. It'll also go off when I drive, but if I idle for more than a few minutes and it drops, it'll come back on.

Wondering if anyone knows the specifics of the '94 V6 Pickup's CEL system. I found a GREAT website ( http://www.troublecodes.net/isuzu/ ), but I'd rather double-tap with someone who's pulled codes before, or at least can cross-reference with something and confirm.

Anyone got any ideas?

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