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Horn won’t work , but does NOW!

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2022 12:25 pm
by timothy222
Hi fellow pup people if you have a problem with your horn like I did you may want to check out the advice by Jerry Lemond here is what I did to solve my horn issue ; get at ( find ) a small 1 inch post thing with a spring over it , ( BEHIND, the horn assembly piece that mounts to the steering wheel ) and slip an empty 22 caliber shell over that 1/8 th inch post thing , then crimp it’s open end down some to the base of the post thing ( with the spring ) so it won’t fall off , then reassemble that plastic shroud cover piece that had to be removed to see/ access It, as well as reattaching the horn piece that mounts to the steering wheel , . I may not have had to remove the horn base assembly item I just mentioned, as the problem seems to me to be further back behind the horn button . The “1/8 th inch diameter post that is about 1 inch long I’m describing was bent downward on mine not sure how , or even of it came that way , all I do know is we bent it strait forward like in a more horizontal angle , left the thin spring around it on , and slipped the 22 shell over both ,then crimped down the open part of the shell and behold as the master said ! You art loosed “ ( healed ) thank you Jerry ! I’m safer now on the road !