West Coast Pre View

If you're on the West Coast or close to it, please make sure your "Location" is filled out in your forum profile. Larry (quicknotslow) is hoping to send out PMs regarding plans for this.
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West Coast Pre View

Post by Cronk »

Larry, Paul and I met for a good lunch today in Santa Maria California. Thanks again Larry!
It was a good meet and educational as well. I can now place some more faces with names. :wink:

After lunch, Paul was gracious enough to give us a tour of the diesel shop he works at part time. We got to see the break down of a fuel injector pump up close and personal, a diesel turbo, a fuel injector pop test as well as a WVO mercedes. We also visited Blackroad Auto Salvage where Larry picked up some goods.

Afterwards, we convoyed up to Paul's house where we got a glimpse of his diesel collection! :shock: Very impressive to say the least! Let me just say that Paul's beater is nicer than most trucks you see on the street! His other vehicles look as if he drove them off of the showroom floor. After the tour, he checked the timing on Larry's truck.

It was a good meet and I learned a few more things about these little trucks!

Here are a few pictures that I took.
trooper 014.jpg
trooper 018.jpg
trooper 017.jpg
trooper 013.jpg
trooper 009.jpg
trooper 010.jpg
trooper 011.jpg
trooper 017.jpg
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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by JoeIsuzu »

A mini-meet! Sounds like a great day.

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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by Paul »

Hi All--

Yes, we had a fun time today at lunch, swapping stories and Isuzu info. And, it is great to get to know Larry and Joe in person. Makes me look forward to our meet at Marks place in October.


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Larry & Joe with the 'Troop'.jpg
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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by quicknotslow »

Hi All,

If today is what its going to be like at Mark's. I can't wait to meet all who is going to be lucky enough to be there. What a great day. Andy I thought I'd show off the shrit that You give Me Thanks. Thanks Paul for Your Help. It was fun to hook the names to the faces. Paul I got back to Salinas at 10:30. Never went over 60mph, Most of the time was at 55. That was a record for Me. The wife said was it not running right. :lol: Pat sorry You couldn't make it. Just call Me can't drive 55. But I did!!!

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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by puttputtinpup »

Wow! That's great! I wish we'd had more time planned together at our Charlotte meet. I have to report for jury duty on the 6th of October, so I'm hoping I can still make the Atlanta meet. Great looking bunch.....of trucks, that is :wink:

I love the shirt, Larry! :)
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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by ghostridin'theP'up »

Wow, I'm jealous, wish I could of been there! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

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Re: West Coast Pre View

Post by big daddy »

That white P'up is insane. What all is going on under the hood there? How is everything SOOOOOOOOOO clean?
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