West Coast Meet Date

If you're on the West Coast or close to it, please make sure your "Location" is filled out in your forum profile. Larry (quicknotslow) is hoping to send out PMs regarding plans for this.
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Re: West Coast Meet Date

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Hey guys,

Been away for a while, but haven't forgot. I plan on being there with my 82 4x4 with the custom 2.8TD.

That weekend sounds good for me.

I'll probably roll out of Olympia about 5 am Saturday morning, which will put me at Marks around 10 or 11. I figure I'll get a room in town and head back north mid afternoon Sunday. I'll probably be solo, so if anyone needs a lift, or wants to run together let me know. I'll slow down on the hills for you :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: West Coast Meet Date

Post by JoeIsuzu »

overland47 wrote:...I plan on being there with my 82 4x4 with the custom 2.8TD.... I'll slow down on the hills for you :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Wish I could see it. That will be one of the highlights, I'm sure. You might even sell tickets to drive it!

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Re: West Coast Meet Date

Post by arrowmntdiesel »

Update on the Motel

The Motel in the town of Rogue River is a Best Western by the name of "Inn at the Rogue" The Phone # is (541) 582-2200 . I spoke with the evening clerk tonight (Paula) and she said there is availabillity. She took my name to give to the general manager in reguards to a group rate under the name of " IsuzuPup.com", so if you make your reservations, be sure to mention our group name. No discount has been discussed as of tonight, but I will stay on that with the hotel manager.

Thanks for all who have been responding to my questions.

Great to hear your going to make it! Looking forward to seeing you again and finally seeing your Pup. I will respond to your PM soon.

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Re: West Coast Meet Date

Post by Cronk »

If you brew it up. brew up some stout or porter, I run that pilsner in my truck! :lol: Whatever you brew, I'll help you drink it in moderation!
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