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Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 3:13 am
by kanniedood22
Could not find this for sale new or second hand anywhere down here. GM pulled out of the country (ZA) a few years back & Isuzu only supports newer models. A man just walked up to me and said he had a truck like mine way back & gave me this manual. ... imb1ffFETY

See link for the KB SERIES Chassis WORKSHOP MANUAL 1981 - onwards.

This includes:

G161z / G180z :

KB21/22 4x2
KB26/27 4x2
KB41/42 4x4
KB46/47 4x4

C190 / C223 :

KBD21/22 4x2
KBD26/27 4x2
KBD41/42 4x4
KBD46/47 4x4