2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

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2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby destrysmith » Sat May 03, 2008 5:17 am

Does anyone know of an adapter for the 2.2 diesel to fit the s10 t5 transmission?

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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby JoeIsuzu » Sat May 03, 2008 9:59 am

The diesel S10/S15 had a unique bell housing to mate the 2.2 diesel to the GM transmission. Those bell housings are rare, but they turn up occasionally. One of our members even found one by the side of the road! There may be a member here with one for sale.


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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby 90pupdiesel » Tue May 06, 2008 11:33 am

i'm kinda supprised that noone has made an adapter plate and such for these engines yet. The bigger isuzus (3.9,4.3,5.8,6.5) have an adapter market started from the bread truck designed adapter, and the 1.6/1.9/2.4 VW diesels have adapter kits to mate to a suzuki or toyota transmission.. They are really a simply system with not to much work to make one.

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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby edwright » Tue May 06, 2008 12:56 pm

I have a t5 in the shop just laying around. Is there a bellhousing to fit the 1.8 diesel? or am I dreaming again.

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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby Cronk » Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:34 pm

Zombie Thread (tread back from the dead!)

Anybody ever find an answer on this? I bought a Rodeo for parts. Was a 4cylinder gas 2wd. Turns out it has an Isuzu version of the T5 world class. (shifter location is between Camaro and S-10). I learned that the T5 World class is a desirable swap for the hotrod community. Should be a stout transmission for a Pup.

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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby Tigman » Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:28 am

I'm not clear on exactly what your asking. Do you want to adapt a T5 to an Isuzu bell or what. I have several S10 components, i.e factory truck, extra bells and a T5. Need more clarity regarding your specific goal.

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Re: 2.2 diesel to t5 transmission

Postby I'm luving it » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:14 am

I sent you a PM.
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