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Re: top speed

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FiatSpider2 wrote:Real life experience with speed demons who wear out 500,000 and Million Mile Diesels in 250,000 miles or less. The candle that is burned more brightly burns out more quickly which is a simple fact of life. There is only one road to my knowledge in the USA with an 80 MPH speed limit which is in the boondocks of Texas and a Light Diesel Mini-Pickup that is already 30 to 40 years old is really not the best choice for driving on that road at the posted speed limit.

Folks used to gasoline engines lasting less than 200,000 miles somehow think that 250,000 from a diesel is pretty good however that is 1/2 to 1/4 of its potential life. Some too are only fixated on RedLine however there is also the theoretical YellowLine where accelerated engine wear begins and then OrangeLine where wear plus damage begins to accumulate more quickly before you get to the potentially catastrophic RedLine.

Remember RedLine is the max speed before catastrophic engine damage starts to occurr which is different from its Power Curve where MAX HP is developed. Of course as the engine ages and gets some wear on it then being near RedLine is going to more readily scuff bearings than when they along with the oil pump were new.

I don't see these engines as million mile engines. It's a made up figure because people see the word diesel and think of the old semis going up and down the highway.... For semis, yeah a million miles is practical, I've even seen engines and transmissions (even clutches) with up to 3 and a half million in great shape never having been cracked open. But that's sadly a figure of years gone by on much larger engines

But for automotive use? No, they're not designed to last a million miles, let alone half a million. People think that because they see the word diesel it's a million mile engines. Is there documented evidence Isuzu said our engines were designed to last this long? Virtually every engine has a designed service life.

Even JLEMOND has said the 2.2 can run at rated speed all day long and be completely fine.
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Re: top speed

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Every time i see that name i smile :D . Dont have to be here long to figure that one out! Lol
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Re: top speed

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I think what your describing sound like drafting in NASCAR. When following another vehicle, the lead vehicle punches Through the air and the second (or later) vehicles does not have to work as hard and it leave a little bit of power for the second vehicle.
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