Intercooler with a turbo

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Intercooler with a turbo

Post by bthood »

When running a turbo, are there any benefits to running it with an intercooler with it? If you do run an intercooler should you use a fan called intercooler mounted in front of the radiator or should we just use it without a fan and put it in front of the radiator at like you would air conditioning condenser? If you go to all this trouble is it worth it doing any of the methanol injections? How about having the coatings on the exhaust manifold is that worth it or should I just clean it up and spray it with some heat treated paint of some sort? I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about EGT’s I’m just trying to figure out ways to keep them at a minimum. Finally, what about the piping? I’ve seen stainless steel piping I’ve also seen PVC piping. Is there any benefit other than aesthetics one way or another? Thanks advance to everyone for your input with this endeavor. Brian
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Re: Intercooler with a turbo

Post by Halden »

Running an intercooler can bring your EGTs down a fair bit, but the best way to combat EGTs is to not go crazy on the fuel and timing especially on an IDI engine. EGTs tend to be pretty high on them even NA. Typically an intercooler is mounted in front of the radiator and has air drawn through via the engine fan. Doing methanol injection is pretty extreme and I've heard from a reliable source on here that made an attempt and he felt he didn't get anywhere with it, but that was about a year ago. Perhaps he's made progress? I won't call him out here. The biggest factor in determining if you should cool your charge air is how much boost you'd run.

As far as piping. PVC would work pre turbo... Stainless is prettier, but quite pricey. I usually cringe every time I order stainless for any project and I get the invoice. I usually cry just a little bit, but realistically you won't need that much

Coatings on the exhaust manifold can help shield everything from heat which in itself is beneficial. But realistically I don't think you'd see a massive gain in performance. You'd probably see the same gain from putting a turbo blanket on.
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Re: Intercooler with a turbo

Post by JoeIsuzu »

Based on what I've read, there's a huge difference in intercooler performance based on placement. Specifically, a front-mounted intercooler is far more efficient (and effective) than a top-mounted intercooler. Exposed frontal area is the key here, and top-mounted intercoolers just don't have that.

Brian, since you're speaking in general terms (no specific vehicle mentioned in this topic), I don't know which vehicle you're thinking of using this in. If it's a P'up, there's some room in front, if you don't have a/c. Paul modified a Saab intercooler and squeezed it into that area.

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