Japanese power train drop ins.

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Japanese power train drop ins.

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Hey Everyone!
I’ve got a question. There use to be a company (I’ve researched it for a while and can’t seem to find any information on them) that sold used Diesel engines/transmissions from Japan that were take outs. If I remember correctly, the price was about 3k for the combination. I’ve also seen some ads on Facebook market place that advertised Japanese’s engines and transmission combos. However, the pictures they posted were file photos and when I contacted them the didn’t accept Pay-Pal nor did they have any info on their engines except that they were X price. My question is this, has anyone here used any of these services? If I were to buy one of these combos and needed parts would they be hard to find? What’s a good price for these combos? Any help or advice?
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Re: Japanese power train drop ins.

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There's a big resale market for used JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) engines -- not just Isuzu, but everything. In Japan, they have some rigid (translated EXPENSIVE) inspections that begin to get costly around 60,000 miles. Google "shaken" for more info.

While the inspection itself is not that expensive, as the vehicle ages, it gets more costly to PASS the inspections. Many owners find it better to dump their vehicles at 60k rather than begin this ongoing inspection cycle. So the supply curve for any engine peaks around the time they're at full production long enough for the majority of engines to have that mileage. And somewhere between 5 and 10 years after their last production date, the supply starts drying up. We saw that with the 4JB1-T, then a few years later, with the 4JG2-T.

I don't know when the C223 went out of production for the Japanese Domestic Market -- but my guess is, we're long past the days when there were low-mileage units available from Japan. Most of what we see now is well-worn engines from Australia or other countries that don't have the Japanese inspection laws. You may still see an occasional one from Japan, but it's an exception.

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Re: Japanese power train drop ins.

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I have one already together, 88 spacecab TD with the 3.1 4jg2 listed in whole vehicles
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