1.8 Diesel upgrades

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Re: 1.8 Diesel upgrades

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Jack is correct, altitude compensator reduces the fuel as the vehicle gets higher in elevation.

Boost compensator adds fuel as boost comes on.

You can adjust an na pump for a turbo, but it will smoke until boost matches the fuel.
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Re: 1.8 Diesel upgrades

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Dieselsmoke69 wrote:
Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:32 am
Dude that is way cool! Now if thats not inspiration im not sure what is. What kind of fuel filter housing is that? And what tranny is it bolted too. Nice
It is an "racor/parker" filter and hand primer housing designed as an aftermarket assembly for forklifts and other small diesel equipment. I modified it to accept a factory ford diesel filter(for off the shelf availability). Bought off ebay cheap.

The trans is a factory Jeep T5, with a rodeo bellhousing.

Stay away from a cummins 4BT. Those things weigh @700lbs+, are designed for skidsteers and 5 ton trucks. EVERY 4BT swapped vehicle I see is up for sale within a few months. My guess is the dangerous braking characteristics during an emergency stop, esp in rain.

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