C240 versus C223 engine question

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Re: C240 versus C223 engine question

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Found some info on Jeeps with c240 engine. Nothing special, T176 with Danna 300 transfer box stock. Have not found specs on max speed. Starting to suspect Jeep did NOT deal with short rpm range and sold this as off-road or slow-road only jeeps.

The more think about this, the more difficult the gearing becomes. Pups the manual trans are tiny, and the amount of room to work with is tiny.

Few years ago did huge amount of research on overdrives and gear splitters for my F350 6.9 diesel. Everything I saw was huge and could not fit on a pup. Smallest and only exception was Laycock overdrive. On another thread a member did put on his pup. But believe those are in range of 12% overdrive and it just barely fits.

Can gear c240 for power on low-end, or gear it for speed on high-end. Agree with Joe, only way to get power and speed is adding more gears. Right now am not seeing how that is possible.

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Re: C240 versus C223 engine question

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I'll have to check my trooper, its a 5 speed and I don't think it spins crazy rpms. Like I said I'd have to check. These t5's were in mustangs and camaros from the 80s, I'd bet you could find a taller o/d. Plus with the 240s extra 1/4" of stroke and add a turbo, I think it'd have enough torque to handle it. Change governor on the pump, set it for 80hp, have fun.
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Re: C240 versus C223 engine question

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I know this thread is old but does anyone know if the c240 and c223 rocker assemblies are interchangeable
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