Fix solid axle issues and motor swap

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Re: Fix solid axle issues and motor swap

Postby I'm luving it » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:09 am

Slowly getting stuff done. It’s been a challenging having to make one off stuff and getting things to work. Currently working on getting driveshaft made. The conversion from small Isuzu u-joints to bigger Toyota joints caused some slow down. I also got rid of the carrier bearing to install a one piece drive shaft. To keep it low as low as possible I am doing a spring under step up. 5.29 gears have been installed and now I am waiting on flat cross over steering arms. Transmission is in and motor is ready to go. Power steering is all set up and ready to go. Under hood is pretty much done. Torn out dash and heater items to dynomat and add some 3/4 foam to quite it down in the cab. Still have set pinion angles and get front axle put back together. Slowly but surely.
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