Really Good "Glue"

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Really Good "Glue"

Postby 2zuzus » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:01 pm

Greetings Folks,
After looking around and not finding a replacement for the turbo ended intake hose for my Diesel Trooper, I decided to effect a possible repair. The hose had been repaired by others sometime in the past with black (lower temp.) silicone, with duct tape as a sort of mold and reinforcement, and black electrical tape on top of most of it all. The heat and errant oil had rendered the "tapes" loose, and gummy or dried out.
I removed the tapes and discovered the silicone I had not been aware of up to then. As I cleaned things up and removed loosened silicone I discovered something else, the hose had separated one piece from the other entirely before it was repaired previously. Between the silicone and tapes, all the separation had been covered, weakly and barely.
After a very aggressive cleaning, including a fair amount of alcohol as a degreaser, I tried several different glues in a few places, over the course of a week. I allowed full cure times in the warm basement. After each was dried, I flexed the hose as it would be with reinstallation. The end result, and winning "glue", hands down, is an old favorite for something much different, ShooGoo. No doubt about it.
In the end I glued the two hose pieces together and let them cure. They stayed together after a good flexing. For added security I applied a second, wider layer on top of the first. The hose is mended now.
I would just caution, if someone might need to do this themselves, to make sure no excess glue is left inside the intake hose that could possibly come loose and end up going into the path of the compressor rotor/impeller.
I'm really amazed how strong the bond is at that separation. I never expected it to be that good of a repair. Thank Heavens though.
I hope this helps someone else with a flexible repair problem.

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Re: Really Good "Glue"

Postby fasteddie » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:58 pm

That stuff has been my go to glue for a while now, I use it on everything. Also known as Goop and E6000. I first used it to glue window glass to the nylon clips that connect the glass to the window regulator, no other glues would hold. Sticks to almost anything and will flex under stress unlike an epoxy.
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Re: Really Good "Glue"

Postby puttputtinpup » Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:24 am

Would urethane rubber like they use for installing windshields have worked to fix the turbo hose? I bought a tube of it from a windshield place to have on hand. However, it's in a tube like caulk comes in and might dry up if I don't use it all up at one time. Just saving it for an eventual have-to project

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