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Frozen wheel alignment shim plate nuts. How to dislodge intermediate steering shaft?

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:44 pm
by getsomesy
I got some new wheels 15x7 4.5" backspace (fit beautifully) with 215/70/15 highway tires. They fit really nice, would have preferred to go 215/75/15 or 225/70/15 cause theres a lil more space... next time... better safe than sorry.

Anyways, i went to get an allignment afterwards and the shop could not get the camber shim plate nuts loose. They were rusted to the plates.
I spent many frustratig hours getting 3/4 loose, but the 4th, which is obscured by the steering intermediate shaft would not come loose. In the process i rounded out the nut a good bit trying to get it loose with an open end wrench (due to clearance issues) now the nut is pretty boogered, and i still cant get it loose.
So, i am thinking that if i can get the steering intermeiate shaft out of the way, i could probaby fit some sort of cutoff tool in their to destroy and remove the nut.

8i dont want to use heat because theres lots of heat sensitive stuff nearby, especially the upper control arm bushing is like 2" away.

So i guess the real question is, how can i get tberhe shaft out of the way without dismantling my steering box or dash/steering collum?