1991 Isuzu pickup is toast (atleast I fear it is)

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1991 Isuzu pickup is toast (atleast I fear it is)

Postby Scody56 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:21 pm

It’s thursd January 11th and I’m at work (I am a delivery driver at a pizza place) I’m on a delivery about 5 miles from the store and I get out of my truck and leave it running, when I’m walking back to my truck I notice a slight knock and I start driving back and I’m going up a hill before you get to a redlight on the other side and I barely make it up it in third gear but I usually go up fine in fourth and as I’m going up it really starts knocking and I’m think oh boy what is it this time (I’ve had nothing but problems since I bought it 3 months ago) well I fear that it’s running low on oil because when I get back to the store and get out I can smell it, and it would not run. well I take another guys truck to the store and buy 4 quarts of oil and put in it and I start it up and it’s running rough but it is running I don’t take anymore deliveries but I have to drive home over a big mountain and I’m pulling up it in 3rd doing 40 the whole way just praying I can make it to the top to coast down, and I get to the top just as it gives out and get home and it’s really done for now, it won’t run for more than a second and sounds really rough, it’s metal on metal so I’m fearing the worst. I don’t understand how it burnt 4 and a half quarts of oil between today and Tuesday ( I only drove around 60 miles since I checked the oil and it has absolutely no leaks) I guess I should’ve put my pcv valve in sooner.

But anyways any ideas on what needs to be fixed and how much it may cost would be greatly appreciated. I have not had a chance to even open the hood because I got home an hour ago and it is pouring down the rain.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to describe everything that happened.

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Re: 1991 Isuzu pickup is toast (atleast I fear it is)

Postby isuzuesque » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:58 pm

Have you looked in the radiator to see if there is oil mixed in with the coolant, or pulled out the dipstick to see if there is water in the oil? if I had to guess based on what you have described I would say is sounds like a blown head gasket. I would suggest doing a compression test as a first step.
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Re: 1991 Isuzu pickup is toast (atleast I fear it is)

Postby Darby » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:52 pm

If it "burnt" 4.5 quarts of oil in 60 miles you would have oil dripping out the tailpipe. The same if somehow it went out the PCV system.
When you checked it before you put the 4 quarts in did you take the reading when you first pulled the dipstick or did you wipe it, put it back in, pull it and check it? Because the readings can be wildly different. It can read empty when you first pull it and full when you put it back in and pull it again. Before you go any further see how much oil you really have in it.
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