1.9L Rebuild

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1.9L Rebuild

Postby Blue83 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:31 pm

Hey everyone,

I had messaged a few weeks ago asking about what a certain noise could have been coming from.. well, I found out. I guess my rod bearings had finally had enough and we're completely wiped out. I broke down the motor and sent it off to grind the crank and bore out the cylinders. It probably just needed a touch up, but I figured I'd do it right first than having to mess with this motor again in a few years. New pistons, new bearings, new rings! I am also going to run through the cylinder head and replace anything else that looks suspect. I'm cleaning out RockAuto's inventory for ignition/timing parts and gaskets :lol:

Anyone have any suggestions on things I should replace while I have it broken down?

I am also thinking about adding a small turbo! After being inspired by Kendall's motor. Does anyone know if he upgraded his valvetrain or rotating assembly to handle the boost? I didn't read anything about what he did to the head or bottom end. Thanks!
All the rod bearings looked similar.
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