Rising form the dead

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Rising form the dead

Postby Dpupman » Thu May 01, 2014 9:15 pm

Hello all,
Remember me??!!

So I purchased this pup in 2008 and below are 2 of my many posts since then, I'm sooo excited

Hi folks, I'm new here. I need a source for, oopps. I have an 85 p'up long bed diesel. I wish to purchase at a resonable price (free is ok, but I like to pay me way) ubber, belts, hoses etc, brake parts, rear shoes, clyinday kits, clutch kits and anything you all may think of. Injector parts of course, I rebuild my own. I'm happy to be here.
oh, my back up vehicle is a 1968 mercedes diesel. Does any one know of a site half as good as this one for my mercedes.

Engine is running on cly 2 and 3??? 86 diesel pup

I bought the truck 4 years ago and drove it home to california from utah. ran fine. took it apart, new clutch, hoses, drive shaft, shocks, brakes etc. finished it two weeks ago. started it up ran great drove it around the block. was idling while flushing the radiator and engine. hit the throttle and engine died. thought it ran out of diesel and put 3 gallons in. started it and ran very poorly. set up seperate electric fuel pump on new clean fuel supply, then fuel injector cleaner, rislone and clean fuel, started cracked injectors and found it was running on cyl 2 and 3 only. Nothing from 1 and 4. I plan to replace the timing belt and service and pop the injectors. any other suggestions???
2014 TODAY
So I gave up on the engine above, at least for the time being, and I had purchased another engine for $100 when I purchased the pup back in 2008. The engine was sitting out in a field with many other engines sinking in the mud. I started on this engine in November 2013 and have been working on it slowly since, through snow, wind and hail. So I disassembled that engine all the way to the bearings. Found that bearings, mains, cam major stuff met or exceeded new engine specs, except for the thrust bearing. I cleaned everything up, put on a new timing belt, had the IP rebuilt, this is the very short version... Hooked up a battery, jumped the shutoff, fired the glow plugs and cranked it. I got oil pressure. I suspect I fried the 5v glow plugs. Got new 10.5v plugs from Jerry and today did it all over and it :lol: :D :D it fired after cranking for 10 or so seconds. I only let it run a few seconds as it is sitting on my carport floor with no coolant. I waited until my wife came home and did it again, ran it for maybe 20 seconds, lt idles good and accelerates with the throttle.
Now I'll start taking pictures and bore you all with further progress.