steering problem

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steering problem

Postby pat » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:16 am

My son ran over a curb in our 1987 pup there was a large dent in the tire rim (then we don't know what the tow truck did besides smash in the front bumper). The truck steering wheel now goes 2 1/2 turns to the right and only 3/4 of a turn to the left. We have visullay inspected under the front end and don't see anything bent or broken. All of our other cars steering wheels make 1 1/2 turns to the right and to the left. Any ideas on what might be wrong would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: steering problem

Postby southernal » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:18 pm

im assuming you have a steering box, thoughts are leaning toward the pitman arm (on the bottom of the box) was spun around the steering box shaft ,, at impact with the curb...

check to see if its loose and/undo the big nut - check the splines on both the arm and the steering box

sounds as if you still have functionality, just everything has moved to where it shouldn't be .

all that being correct, its just a simple case of replacing any damaged parts jacking the front wheels off the ground, centering the wheels (disconnect the steering colum from the box) and count the revolutions as you push the wheels from lock to lock (easier with 2 people) and reassemble.

another option is to replace any damaged parts as they sit now, do the count the steering wheel turns , work out where the mid point should be, and remove the steering wheel - put it back straight ..

hope that's not too confusing , and theres maybe someone to shed a more easier way or better how to description ..