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87 Trooper II Cross Country Odyssey, is over.........

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:50 am
by andyvan
I made it to Portland. Gotta rental truck with a dolly in Grand Island Nebraska. Had to wait 'til after the holiday weekend to hit the road west. Made it 1,516 miles in two days with the Trooper in tow behind a U-Haul. Probably ended up costing more than a re-man transmission and installation. Crap.......

So now I need a trans. 87 Trooper II, 5 speed. I'm sure this one is beyond repair. It sounds like the front counter shaft bearing has let go completely. There is oil EVERYWHERE. Only fourth gear works.

I'll hit up the guys that responded in my earlier post. Thanks by the way, I wish it would have worked out with the guy in Colorado.