My farm rebuild

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My farm rebuild

Postby Beesboer » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:51 am

I've had this '89 C223 4x4 P'up for close to 8 years now, mainly doing farm work. About 3 years ago the rear diff gave in, I replaced it with a dud used (abused) unit, and it gave in about 2 months later. I parked the P'up in my shed, and started looking for a decent diff. About a month ago I found a suitable diff , and decided to give the old chap a complete rebuild. So far I've put in the diff, overhauled the rear suspension, rear brakes, front suspension, CV joints, replaced the engine mounts as well as transmission mounts. I bought another body with frame, front and rear diffs for about $ 140, from which I'll cannibalize parts. So far I have about $720 in this project, with a complete re-spray carpets, mirrors, and upholstery still to be done. Unfortunately I thought about taking pictures a bit late, but I'll try to keep you updated.
Random pictures of frame and donor cab. For some reason I got the pictures tilted. Will work on that in future.

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