Need guidance on toyota hub conversion...

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Need guidance on toyota hub conversion...

Postby SunDown » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:32 pm

This gets a little convoluted but here is the situation... 84 pup with 88+ drop spindles hubs rotors and calipers.

I am looking at converting the front over to the common Toyota five lug. I understand that's a hub and rotor conversion. Both the 88+ Isuzu and the Toyota use the same bearings, inner and outer. My question lies in the hub, specifically the cup seats.. are the cup seats the same spacing on the Toyota hub versus the Isuzu hub? If not I may have to take the Toyota hubs in to be machined. Just curious if anyone that has done this conversion before me can provide more details.

Also curious bout the seal for the hub. Any issue running the Toyota hub seal on the Isuzu spindle?