Where are the drain holes for cowl vents? 85 pup

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Where are the drain holes for cowl vents? 85 pup

Postby pup daddy » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:41 am

after painting my 85 pup the drain hols for the cowl opening around the wipers have stopped up. A hard rain results in water coming into the cab. soooo Where are the drain hole(s) so I can open them back up??

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Re: Where are the drain holes for cowl vents? 85 pup

Postby luvcamas » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:47 am

if rust is a problem in you neck of the woods then there is a few things to look at. The primary drain holes are at the bottom of the fender behind the tire just below the 2 bolts holing the fender. The other drains are under the fender. Pull the fender and you will find them up high . While you have them off treat and repair any rust. There is a issue with rust with the cowl/water management system. The panel behind the hood the has all the slots cannot be removed so repairing rust holes is a challenge. I have found that the panel that the blower fan bolts to,under the dash, can develop rust holes around the fan motor. also the secondary drain holes under the fender can rust. It is a real big job to repair all this. It requires the removal of the dash and everything under the dash. plugged lower fender drain holes would never cause a water leak into the cab the ones under the fender could, but I doubt it. It is most likely rust or cracked body seams. to be able to find all the rust holes would require removing the dash and all the other parts. If you decide to do it right please PM me and I will have you call me and I can coach you through it. I will tell you, :roll: I had a truck that had these rust holes and I just pulled the carpet drilled holes in the floor to let the water out and just threw in some rubber floor mats and called it maccaroni .tt
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