Frame replacement on JDM camper

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Frame replacement on JDM camper

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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a 1993 Isuzu pickup that was converted to a camper in Japan. It was done by a company called Yokohama motor works. The Isuzu pup has a 4JB1T turbo diesel with 5 speed manual and 4 wheel drive.

Unfortunately, the frame has extensive rust and rust repair patches. Some patches are really well done. Some are poorly done.

I would like to replace the frame on this vehicle.

I tried to contact Isuzu of North America to see if they can give me a frame part number based on the Japanese VIN, but they can only look up US VINS.

A quick measurement puts the wheel base at 135”. I’m not sure if this is the same as a long box or an extended cab truck. Does anyone know if these two have the same frame?

So, my first step is to find a frame for this truck. It looks like I can still buy a new frame. They are a bit pricey, but I only want to do this once and not worry about it later. I might be open to a used frame from the south if it is really solid.

Does anyone know how I can find out which frame I need?

Thank you,

Frame rust:
Worst spot, right above axle:
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