95 Isuzu Pickup Tranny

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95 Isuzu Pickup Tranny

Postby Tranz » Mon May 01, 2017 1:34 pm

K so I'm going down the road at 35 miles an hour when suddenly out of nowhere the engine was revving but not engaging. I coasted to a stop put it in 1st. gear and let the clutch out and it wouldn't move so I called a tow truck and brought it home. I tried a few more times to try and get it to move and finally it did but at the end of my driveway it stopped and wouldn't move. I pushed it back and tried one more time only to hear a small grinding noise but when I push the clutch back in it stops. It goes into all gears with ease. Could this be the throw out bearing or complete clutch? I'm going to replace the clutch anyway while I have it tore down. Just checking with you guy's to see if I even have to order a clutch kit or do I even have to tear it apart period.
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