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fuel filters..

Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:02 am
by southernal
a couple of weeks back we took my p'up out to collect a few parts for the house / yard.
stopped for a red light , turned right then a tight left into a garage for that slow leak .. just as we pulled in , the motor stopped, refusing to start. no tools and a long from home...
luckily there was a handy auto parts store quick check of the carb throat confirmed a blocked needle and seat - fuel flooding in - pouring rain managed to strip the carb , and fix the problem .. although an extra seal - causing a fuel blockage on the intake hose at the carb and dropping the float pin shut off from the needle on the ground didn't help .. found that about 3 feet away from straight down phew !!

,, after an hour or so we were off again like a scolded turtle...

time to replace the filter & luckily the seat was not scarred.

just thought id share that ..... :P