Retrofit cruise control

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Retrofit cruise control

Post by jer »

Has anyone ever tried to take cruise control off a trooper II or a pickup and installed it on a pup?
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Re: Retrofit cruise control

Post by lawson_nate »

Don't know about the Trooper setup BUT...

The '86 pickup I just picked up has what looks like a universal cruise control setup. The original paperwork shows that it was installed just after the original owner bought the truck. Not sure if it still works since I am still working on the bad transmission, but everything all looks still hooked up... (it's the air canister looking thing next to the coolant/PS containers)
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Re: Retrofit cruise control

Post by JoeIsuzu »

Nate's looks like mine. They were sold under at least a dozen brands, with most or all components made by Dana Automotive. It's a pretty good setup if you can figure out a good way to connect to the diesel throttle arm in a way that doesn't constantly bend the ORIGINAL throttle cable. That will eventually break the throttle cable (it broke mine). The Trooper's factory cruise control actually connects to the accelerator pedal rather than the throttle arm.

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