1989 Isuzu Pickup 2.3

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1989 Isuzu Pickup 2.3

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Okay, I have my grandfathers 1989 Isuzu Pickup manual. We’ve got it running and I’m gonna use this truck to learn to work on some engines, transmission, etc. To start with, we were gonna pull the engine and put a rebuild kit on it, along with a clutch.

Upon looking at craigslist, there’s a 1989 2.6 4WD. For $500, no title, no keys, no head. I’m wondering a couple things.

Would all electrical parts be able to be transferred on to mine?
Would I be able to somehow put 4WD on my truck by using parts truck? I thought maybe I could since the frames are probably the same. I would have to use the transmission, rearend and front end of the parts truck. Would I also have to use the engine or would the 2.3 engine work with the 2.6 4WD transmission? If that wouldn’t work, could I just put the cab of my grandfathers truck onto the frame of the 4WD?

Obviously, my truck being my late grandfathers truck, I would like to keep most of his truck attached for sentimental value, but I feel like if I could get 4WD for 500 dollars, along with other stuff I’ll use off truck would be extremely beneficial.

Thanks for any help.
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